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Sitabani Corbett Landscape Zone

The Sitabani Corbett landscape zone is the Buffer area of the tiger reserve and is open to everyone to visit here. The landscape of this zone has a rich natural view which consists of dense forest and river streams along with many old temples. You will find plenty of herbivore animals like Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Dears, Jackal, Wild Boar, Birds, Reptiles, and many other animals, but it depends on your beautiful luck.

Corbett Landscape Zone

There are around 600 bird species found in this zone among which most are migratory birds. The zone is a delight for the bird watchers. Sprawled in a large area that even incorporates many villages in it, one must visit this zone to savor the magical ambiance of the enchanting nature.

This zone is a less-visited delight of nature as tourists generally prefer to visit the tiger reserve area and give this zone a miss. There is an old temple named Sitabani Temple located in the forest and is protected and maintained by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI). Along with this, there is also a very old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

These temples are visited by a large number of devotees. It would be really a memorable experience to explore this forest and a night safari in the Sitabani forest will be a thrilling experience. You will get an adrenaline rush with the quiet and eerie ambiance of the forest and in the anticipation of encountering any wild animal. Visitors are allowed to explore this zone by the Jeep safari, and elephant safari.

Private vehicles are not allowed in this zone Only Green Gypsy is allowed in this zone. You have to pay the entry fee on the spot at the entry gate in Teda Village to enter the forest reserve area and after exploring the forest you have to make the exit from the Paulgarh gate, almost 60 km away from the entry gate.

Sitabani Tourism Zone is open for safari tours throughout the year and there is no limit on the entry of gypsies in this area. Corbett Tiger Reserve Authority does not give any kind of permit for entry in this area. Instead, the Sitabani Forest Department allows jeep safaris in this area. It also has a popular old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are shallow streams flowing through Sitabani, which provide a pleasant retreat to the tourists passing through here.

Flora And Fauna found In Sitabani Forest Area:

Sitabani Zone is known for its diverse flora. The landscape shelters over 600 species of trees, shrubs, bamboo, herbaceous grasses, orchids, wood climbers and wetland flora. Sal, Shisham, Kanju, Dhak, Haldu, Peepal, Mango and Rohini trees are some of the important evergreen vegetation of the Sitabani region. Apart from all these, Sitabani forest is great natural habitat for rich variety of fauna like royal Bengal tiger, elephant, sambar, barking deer, porcupine and king cobra. Sitabani is a paradise for bird watchers.

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