Corbett Tourist Zone

Corbett Tourist Zone

Jim Corbett National Park is divided into eight ecotourism zones to properly manage the tourism activities in the Corbett Tiger Reserve area. These zones are the Dhikala zone, Bijrani zone, Jhirna Zone, Garjiya Zone, Sitabani Zone, Pakhro Zone, Dhela zone, and Durga Devi zone. The safari tour is organized in two shifts by the forest officials of Corbett Tiger Reserve in all of the ecotourism zones. A limited number of safari jeeps are allowed in every zone to ensure proper distribution of tourist flow in all the zones. Each zone has its own natural charm with its specific landscape beauty and wildlife.

Bijrani Zone :- Best Safari Zone Bijrani in corbettThe entry into Bijrani Safari Zone is through Amdanda Gate . On entering this Safari Zone on your Jeep Safari you will come across Lush Sal forests, huge grasslands, and various others diversified flora species. Bijrani Safari Zone is just 1 kilometers away from Ramnagar and is inhabited by wild animals like elephants, Monkeys, Tigers, Chital and Deer. The best time to visit is from Mid October to June End. Visitor Season :1st October to 30th June

Corbett Tourist Zone

Jhirna Zone :- At a distance of 16 kilometers from Ramnagar, Jhirna is an important Safari Zone in Jim Corbett National Park. Jhirna is more popular for spotting wildlife beasts like wild bear. Well, you are safe on the Jeep Safari in Corbett but it is better to be prepared for an encounter with enormous bear that could appear from nowhere.Visitor Season :15th September to 30th June

Dhela Zone :- Sprawling over 1173 hectares, Dhela Zone is the sixth eco-tourism zone of Jim Corbett National Park that was brought on India tourism map in 2014. The zone is 20 kilometers from the Ramnagar, right beside the Jhirna safari zone of Jim Corbett National Park. Here, you can find mixed forest such as Saal, Rohini, Haldu, Bahera, Kusum vegetation, which makes it ideal for birdwatching tour in Jim Corbett Park. Along with abundant flora and bird population, Dhela Zone has a good population of tigers, bears, elephants and leopards. For safari, there are overall two trails giving tourists an opportunity to stroll around three to four km in the wild. On an average, 180 tourists - 90 each in the morning and the evening shifts - will be allowed to visit the Dhela zone every day. If you're mesmerized by the beauty of the place then you can stay at the Dhela Forest Lodge. The main attraction of the zone is Laldhang, a grassland where one can spot wild pigs.Visitor Season :15th September to 30th June

Durga Devi Zone :- best safari zone in corbettThe best time to visit this Safari Zone is from Mid November to June End, Durga Devi Zone is the best place for those who love bird watching. From Grey Headed Fishing Eagle, Black Chinned Yuhina, Maroon Orile, and Long Tailed Broadbill, you can watch it all. Besides this, it is the very zone in Corbett where the endangered Mahsheer fish come for breeding. There is no way other than enjoying this zone on Jeep Safari. Visitor Season :15th November to 15th June

Dhikala Zone :- In the largest and most popular zone of Jim Corbett National Park, you enjoy great comfortable stays in forest lodges of Dhikala. This zone allows you to closely experience the wildlife by staying inside the National Park amid the wilderness. Home to most exotic fauna species naming Royal Bengal Tigers, Tuskers Elephants, Deer, Chita, Spotted Deer, Vulture, Teal, Dove, Crocodile, Cobra etc. So, don’t wait to experience the best of wilderness, book online Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett and get started. Visitor Season :15th November to 15th June

Corbett Tourist Zone

Best Safari Zone Teda Gate, Pawalgarh :- Corbett Landscape tourist zone is under the forest department or tiger reserve. In Corbett Landscape, there is no limitation of vehicle. It's a famous zone for Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Dears, Jackal, Wild Boar, Birds, Reptiles and many other animals, but it depends on your beautiful luck. Only permitted vehicles can take a wild trek inside the forest. Corbett Landscape is known for a Sitabani temple and beautiful river. We can take some rest in the riverbank and see the reptiles. Morning and evening are the timing of safaris. When all the zones of CTR are full then we choose this zone for safaris. Corbett national park authority not issue permit for this. Corbett Landscape forest department issues the slip for this safari. Sitabani finds mention in a great Indian epic, the Ramayana. It is believed that in the Valmiki temple, Sita, wife of Lord Ram, spent her days stranded in exile and was supposedly absorbed by the earth. Tourists can enjoy jeep safari and elephant safari but it is essential to take a permit from the forest department. Scenic view of this part of the forest calls many tourists again and again. Visitor Season :-1st October to 30th June

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